Trenchless Constructability & Design (TCD)

“Trenchless Constructability & Design” (TCD), provides clients with the planning, design, and construction of complex utility installation projects. With TCD, firms can confidently incorporate trenchless installation methods in their designs. TCD provides consulting on trenchless pipe lining, trenchless sewer line repair and trenchless casing to improve operational efficiency, manage risk, and improve end user experience.

At the core of TCD, is a unique individual who has literally spent a lifetime in the industry. Arvid Veidmark, III, second generation owner of Specialized Services Company, based in Phoenix, AZ.

Mr. Veidmark has more than two decades of operational experience and has been consulting on major city improvement projects since 1997. His advanced knowledge of trenchless technology has helped engineering firms and government officials worldwide, accurately specify more cost effective and environmentally safe methods of construction, a service that has not only benefited municipalities but the public as well.

TCD Provides

  • Intelligent Tunnel Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Construction Consulting
  • Construction Management
  • Design Consulting
  • Pipe Design
  • Plan Review
  • Shaft and Support Design
  • Bore Pit Design
  • Claims Avoidance

TCD is fully Bonded & Insured.

Trenchless Constructability & Design consulting services for underground construction are provided by SSC Boring, an industry leader in underground construction projects and the advanced technologies that apply to underground construction jobs. If you need a consultation for your construction project that requires trenchless technology then please contact our underground construction consulting company and speak to a specialist in your area.

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